Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Finally! You asked for it...TWENTY PAGES WITH DREAM POP!

I've been hard at work creating this workshop for you!  Some of the pages are from designs that corp gave us, and I tweaked them a little ;)   One of the others is from Make it from Your Heart; a few are from Pinterest; a couple are my ideas; and I was inspired by some talented consultants including:  Jeanie Burch, Anna Jarnagin, and Karen Pedersen! 
If you ordered this paper special from me, you are in LUCK!  I am having a class, June 13th,  at 6pm, and will have your paper precut and laid in place for you; include a Sunset Mini Medley, Just Blooms 100 pack flowers, small flower/heart sticker pack, PLUS a sticker alphabet (not shown); also included is all of the extra cardstock (retail value of product that I'm furnishing is approximately $30!).  I would normally charge $60 for this class, but all of my lucky customers that give me their Dream Pop packs will only pay $30!  Are you a member of my club?  Then it's only $27!!!  Bring your tool kit but leave your paper cutter at home, because the only cutting will be some of the zip strips for embellishing


  1. Love Love Love all these layouts! They are really appealing to the eye and useful for adding photos! Great job!!!

  2. Thanks for Sharing with us. Wish I had your talent. Sincerely One of Sue's crafting students.

    1. Angie, thank you for your kind comment! And I wish I was as talented as some other consultants I know ;)

  3. Oh my! I have an extra pack of this kicking around-I'm a fellow CTMH consultant. Do you have a cutting guide for it, or the names of the layouts? I have all the books (clare.smyth@gmail.com)
    I'd really appreciate it!